I create engaging experiences through paper, screen, and matter.

Interactive Conference Room

Make the conference room experience more engaging.

Client: HydroChemPSC
Roles: Creative Director • Lead Designer • Sole Developer


The HydroChemPSC interactive conference room provides an atmosphere and the tools for staff, trainees, customers, and shareholders to get the most out of any typical meeting experience.


The challenge was to add cost-effective updates to a highly utilized conference room to provide a better atmosphere and more engaging experience.

Project requirements:

  • Create a cost-effective engaging environment
  • Make content easy to update remotely


The solution was to design and produce cost-effective graphics and interactive content that could be applied to the existing architecture without intrusive changes. The final project definitely enhanced time spent in the room and encouraged further communication among visitors leading to more effective training and sales experiences.

  • Create a cost-effective engaging environment

Branding and wall graphics spruce up the "plain" architecture. A small museum-like section was added to contrast the old, outdated technology against the newer tech being showcased around the room and on the displays. During meetings, users are encouraged to explore the interactive panels and learn more about the services being discussed.

Some technologies used:

  • 20", 50" multi-touch displays
    • Intel NUC Linux systems running dockerized os
    • Custom react-native applications
  • Interactive LED Map
  • Custom circuitry and electronics
  • Make content easy to update remotely

Each interactive display application is connected to the internet via cellular modem and can be remotely updated by authorized users, via a web-based content management system built on ReactJS and NodeJS, running on Google Cloud. Changes are instant if the trailer has a good cellular connection. Offline updates are pulled down automatically after reconnect. All display applications are cached offline and work without an internet connection. System os and applications can also be remotely flashed and monitored via balenaCloud.

Some technologies used:

  • ReactJS, React-Native, Electron
  • balenaCloud, Docker
  • Google Cloud