I create engaging experiences through paper, screen, and matter.
My Story

My name is Daniel, and simply put, I love to make things look nice and do neat stuff. I have worked in the creative industry for most of my life and have had the privilege to learn and experience many creative disciplines. I enjoy working solo as well as alongside other talented team members on unique and impactful projects.

Having been part of a family creative agency for over 20 years, I have had more than a variety of roles and responsibilities. Starting as a teenager, I developed and enlarged negatives in a darkroom, eventually learning commercial photography and videography. Along with this came some experience in set design and fabrication. I was eventually asked to work on print campaigns which lead to a broader interest in design, digital media, and motion graphics. After designing hundreds of marketing materials, campaigns, and websites, I found myself interested in interactive design and started into software and web development. This lead to learning Coldfusion, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Flash, Appcelerator Titanium, DevOps, etc. Lately, I've been utilizing NodeJS and Dart, along with UI frameworks like Facebook's ReactJS and Google's Flutter to create interactive applications across a wide range of devices (web, mobile, desktop, embedded/IoT).

I have many hobbies as well, some which nicely complement my professional career. Such as woodworking, model making, sculpture, drawing, 3D printing, and tinkering with embedded systems (Arduino, RaspberryPi, etc.). I create interactive Halloween decorations, smart-home devices, and even reverse engineer parts of Disney/Universal attractions. I'm also an active soccer player, hiker, and traveler.

To be able to enjoy so many disciplines and hobbies, there is one thing you must enjoy... learning. I am very proud that even though I have learned a great deal from many talented people and institutions, I am also very good at teaching myself. I enjoy the challenge of learning new skills, especially when that knowledge allows me to work on more diverse projects. My favorite challenges are those which require combining a variety of technologies from the physical and digital realms to form unique experiences.

Today, I am looking to take the next step in my career and join a team that focuses on creating educational and impactful interactive projects with positive influences. If you have a project or a team where you think I would be a good fit, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

I want to listen to your ideas... you'll want to listen to mine.

Contact Details

Daniel Mahon
Akron, OH
(646) 812-4550




  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive & Game Design
  • Full Stack Development
  • Installation & Exhibit Design
  • Physical Computing
  • Print Design
  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Storytelling
  • Visual Communication
  • Project Planning
  • Creative Problem Solving


Some of my most proficient technologies, software languages, and programs.
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Mahon Studios

Owner / Creative Direction & Development • 2011 - Current (OH)
Designer / Developer / Photographer • 1999 - 2006 (OH)

Mahon Studios is a full service interactive creative agency. Makers at heart, and with over 35 years of experience across a broad array of disciplines.

  • Designed thousands of client marketing materials for print, outdoor, and interactive mediums.
  • Cultivated and managed hundreds of client relationships across the US, some lasting over 20 years.
  • Experience in a variety of roles on multiple team sizes.
  • Managed typical business functions including payroll, taxes, bookkeeping, and building maintenance.
  • Regularly traveled for meetings, location shoots, etc.
  • Designed and developed hundreds of complex mobile/web/desktop client/server applications and websites.
  • Engineered, designed, and fabricated a variety of physical sets, props, and interactive components.
  • Utilized fabrication technologies including 3D printing, CNC machining, carpentry, and graphics production.
  • Produced regular studio and on-site photography and videography projects, both commercial and portrait.
  • Created various 3D models, riggings, and animations for usage in print, video, and game engines.

Prompter Communications

Partner / Lead Developer / Designer • 2011 - 2016 (OH)

BarPrompter is an integrated marketing approach to building patron loyalty, and a powerful multi-tool, specifically designed for the Bar and Restaurant business. BarPrompter keeps your customers actively engaged in your brand by using a variety of customer interactions, sales motivators, entertainment, education, and peer to peer advertising.

  • Developed "BarPrompter", a patent pending interactive application allowing users to interact in real-time with distributed video systems in bars and restaurants
  • Developed "ElderVue", another patent pending system, allowing users to remotely communicate with family members in nursing homes via distributed video. HIPAA compliant transmission back to users fromstaff.
  • Co-managed a small sales team.

Jewish National Fund

Creative Director • 2009 - 2011 (NYC)
Graphic Designer / Interactive Developer • 2006 - 2009 (NYC)

JNF is a nonprofit organization and United Nations NGO (non-governmental organization) that strives to bring an enhanced quality of life to all of Israel’s residents and translate these advancements to the world beyond.

  • Hired as a developer, consistently took on more responsibility leading to a promotion as Creative Director.
  • Designed full company rebrand with guidelines.
  • Worked closely with the Director of Marketing to design and implement fundraising campaign initiatives.
  • Designed quarterly print magazine.
  • Cut extraneous vendor costs by hiring and managing a small team of creative designers.
  • Implemented and managed nationwide company content management system and issue/task tracking.
  • Mobile and website application development.
  • Learned that I enjoy working on projects with meaningful impacts and positive influences.

AwardsConvio Innovator Award 2009


University of Akron (Myers School of Art)

Graphic Design • 2002 - 2006

The largest program within the Myers School of Art. It is a professional program for students pursuing careers in the expanding multidisciplinary field of visual communication design. Critical thinking and logical problem solving in print, web and interactive media are emphasized.

Activities and SocietiesPhi Gamma Delta, International Business Club, H.O.L.A Spanish Club, Various Art Clubs, Intramural Soccer

Study Abroad - Universidad de Valladolid (España)The DISSTA Study Abroad Program is an immersion learning experience spent living and studying in Spain. Included international business practicum. Received certificate of Spanish language & culture.